Sunday, 3 February 2008

Assar Tomlinson

Who: Assar Tomlinson, 33
When: Sunday, 23/12/2007
Where: Hospital Street, Newtown, Birmingham
How: BBC News
Perp: Mr X, 49 (arrestedd); Mr Y, 34 (arrested)
Status: Arrests



Anonymous said...

R.I.P Big Man...

reddyboo said...

I miss Assan so much and feel that no one cares for his life and the things he did and the hearts he touched. I'm not painting him picture perfect but he was a good man and its sad to know he is not remembered with the respect he deserves.

Rest in peace Assan you will always be missed from us all my brother to me. Mr china man.

Anonymous said...

can't believe how quickly you were taken from us, its soon one whole year since the last time i saw that smile upon your face. Miss all the fun times we shared. You will never be forgotten. Love you always.

Anonymous said...

ur so missed assain still got that horrible feeling in side everytime l pass the pub i miss ur jokes and that smile of urs l wished l never left..but got ur message x. its comin up to that time r.i.p ur not forgotten love you loads xxxx

Anonymous said...

It's been very hard to move on with life without him here. it is clear that Assar was loved by many and is missed dearly. Sometimes it does feel that no cares but this is not true, i care more than people know. Perfect he may not have been but he had a heart of gold. Gone but will never be forgotten, since he left my life, my heart has been numb. I MISS HIM !!!

I do hope that in my life time the truth will come out of the dark and into the light, so that Assar will get the justice and the respect he deserves.

RIP and I will always luv you.

chik like meeh said...

R.I.P Unkle x You Will Always Be Remembered x I Love Yuuh And Yuuh Will Always Be In My Heart.

Yuuh were and Always Will Be A Great And Generous Man.

Lol i remember that time when i cum outside nd yuuh was like lool i dnt knw wherr yuhr goin with them dirtyy hands go clean dem lol actually watchin me use the soap lool good times

love yuuh so much x

chik like meeh said...

Happy Christmas Unkle!! Love Yuuh x

Anonymous said...

Another year almost gone and that time of year came again. I can't believe it's been 2 years since you left our lives, yet it seems like yesterday i saw you. My heart is still numb with your passing and my life will never be the same without you. Missing U!!

RIP ~ you will never be forgotten.