Sunday, 26 August 2007

David Haynes

Who: David Haynes, 21
When: Sunday, 26/8/2007
Where: Silver Street, Wellingborough
How: Northampton Chronicle & Echo
Perp: Shilesh Patel, 26 (charged); Nimesh Patel, 24 (charged); Sandeep Phull, 22 (charged)
Status: Charges

Northampton Chronicle & Echo
Northampton Chronicle & Echo
Evening Standard
Northampton Chronicle & Echo
BBC News


Anonymous said...

Never to be forgotten.
God rest your soul.

Anonymous said...

So sad to think that a night out now ends in such a final brutal act... Is life so cheap, so meaningless to these cowards these days that they can end other peoples lives in this way, these people have taken the victims rights away, likewise their killers should face the same.. turn them over to the poor grieving families and friends who should be allowed to determine their fate...

God bless your soul David, may your life not be given in vain x