Wednesday, 22 August 2007

William David McClatchey

Who: William David McClatchey, 34
When: Monday, 20/8/2007
Where: Pottinger House, The Mount, Belfast
How: BBC News
Perp: Mark Warwick, 41 (charged)
Status: Charges

Belfast Telegraph
BBC News


blcs1888 said...

This guy has alot of blood on his hands because during the n.ireland troubles he murdered innocent catholics in the name of loyalism. May he rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

It's been the same in reverse too, remember. Both as bad as each other.

flossy71 said...

to blc1888 he didn,t murder anybody so get ur facts right before u start speaking ill of the dead and u should,nt believe everything u read in ur newspapers and u should phone the police service of northern ireland and they will confirm that he didn,t murder any one