Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Halimah Ahmed

Who: Halimah Ahmed, 19
See Khalid Peshawan.


Anonymous said...

halimah was my best friend for many years im am heartbroken that we lost contact

Anonymous said...

I knoe this matter should be laid to rest but there is so much talk within both the Pakistani community and the Kurdish community. It is widely known that the two were dating and have been for a few years now. I think the family are not leeting things on as they are scared to "shame the name" of the family. People want to know the truth and are not bothered about the shame the family are bothered about. She was a nice girl and the both wanted to be together and get married, the family would not agree as there was a clash of cultures and also the huge age difference but then what happened after that? The only two people who know are not even here. Khalid has a brother who could tell you that Kahlid did approach the parents on more than one occasion and that the pair were a couple. We need to know what is going on, and what are the police doing? we have not heard anything after this?

Anonymous said...

I know people want to know the truth but i think it is only fair for us to leave the matter. i dont feel it is fair to keep bringing it up, its not fair on Halimah and her family.
Regardless of what was really happening, Halimah has gne and all we should do now is Pray she is in Jannah and that Allah grants her family with sabr.

Anonymous said...

I know the creator of this blog is not intending to create any offence or harm to the memory of Halimah or to the family. It is inevitable that people being people will put their thoughts on the net not really thinking about how accurate their comments are. I know some of the comments already posted will cause the family pain during their period of grieving. Can I suggest that we all pray for Halimah and ask allah to grant her jannah. If the creater of this blog wants to ensure Halimah's memory is not forgoten, can I suggest that you all visit the beautiful website that has been created in Halimah's memory This will be better for all as we all need to remember one day we will all go to our graves and we will have to answer for any backbiting and hurt that we cause people.

naz said...

i would just like to offer my sincere sympathy to all halimah's family, especially her parents who have lost such an enoumous part of their life, and probley will never overcome this shock. May allah give her place in jannah, its just a shame that things like this happen to nice people like halimah who care and share with others, i will always do dua for halimah to get a place in jannah, I also pray that allah gives her family sabr. i always remember halimah in my dua's. May allah bless her soul

Anonymous said...

who cares about the talk within the pakistani communinity? pakistani community turn gud things ppl have done into bad things... people need to realise, ppl have lost a beautiful and loving:daughter, sister, friend etc... Halimah was an amazing person i knew her, so who ever posted the second comment, the family dont have to broadcast things which they do not wish to, i dont knw what position u think u hold to come and rite what u did...

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Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple

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1990 said...

I came to know about Halimahs tragedy through her brother a few weeks after she'd gone.. although i don't speak to her brother anymore i just wanted to say that i'm so proud the Halimah Trust. I listen to 'One day' so much since he sent it me to listen to - it's beautiful x
at the end of the day - it doesn't matter what religion or culture says about "honour/shame" (which is what most of ur posts have commented on), Halimah or any other person shouldnt have to leave like this. She was a beautiful woman and always will be..her family are are doing so well and im sure the last thing they'd want is people's conspiracies, from what i know of her brother (who i once considered myself to be veri close to) - he was bought up very well and held alot of respect for everione its unfortunate distance and time has led us apart.
its unfair for people to judge when they don't know the family at all it's only fair they progress with their lives - maintaining beautiful memories of their daughter & sister.. I'm sure Halimah would have be EVER so proud of the trust they've created after her, i think they're doing an amazing job. keep it up.
I lost someone veri special to me, probabli the most specialist person in my life.. i think it's great how Halimah's family can speak about Halimah so freely - being proud of everything she achieved.. everitime i try to talk about my loss i well up.. ur a very strong and inspirational family..
I'm sure Halimah's got a place in heaven where everione (regardless religion) will go one dai.. she truly was an angel, r.i.p Halimah, x