Sunday, 18 November 2007

Christopher Lambert

Who: Christopher Lambert, 20
When: Sunday, 18/11/2007
Where: Manchester Road, Warrington
How: This Is Cheshire
Perp: Paul Holcroft, 22 (charged); Ms A, 20 (arrested)
Status: Charges

This Is Cheshire
This Is Cheshire
BBC News


Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering Christopher. The whole family are devastated by what these people have done to the family. Only one person is getting charged even tho others were involved. They just want justice for the person who did this without a second thought. And now, is trying to get out of it even though they have a history of violence. Its worked for them before so they hope it will work again. When will they be stopped. There is no worse they can do apart from repeat the crime. We need to use this as a example and issue a sentence to fit this crime. A stiffer sentence will make people sit up and think.

There is a site set up for people to leave messages/memories of Chris on
There are pictures on there that you could use against this page if you like.
Thanks again..X

somebodygotmurdered said...

Thank you. Link has been added.