Thursday, 6 December 2007

John Jenkins

Who: John Jenkins, 27
When: Saturday, 1/12/2007
Where: Inveralmond Community High School, Livingston
How: BBC News
Perp: David John McCaig, 18 (charged); John Edgar, 23 (charged)
Status: Charges

Lothian & Borders Police
Edinburgh Evening News


Anonymous said...

Crock I cant believe you actually murdered someone. I always knew you had a few screws loose but never in a million years thought you would kill someone. What in the hell possessed you? Do you realise what you've done not only to you but to that poor family. You were my best friend a while back and now it makes me sick to even no you as a mate. I'm gutted you did this

Anonymous said...

crock aint guilty what cause he was petrified of his cousin so didnt tell anybody yes he was wrong to walk away but he could be dead to then and u aint no pal and neva were if that is ur attitude

Anonymous said...

By walking away whoever 'crock' is/was is guilty. It may not have been his intention but he left my good friend there to die. Would i be guilty if i had left him there? RIP John <3