Friday, 11 April 2008

Shaun Hardy, 36

Who: Shaun Hardy, 36
When: Friday, 18/1/2008
Where: Golden Square, Berwick-upon-Tweed
How: BBC News
Perp: Mark Simpson, 30 (charged); Graham Patton, 25 (charged)
Status: Charges
Note: charges are for manslaughter

Sunday Sun
BBC News
BBC News


Anonymous said...

he nver got murdered!!!!! there charged wi manslaughter NOT murder!! so get ur facts right before u go around talkin shit!!!

Anonymous said...

thay never ment it

Anonymous said...

Simon Taylor is no murderer he is
an ordinary young man thats all
got involved in a fight that he didnt want to and now paying the price no disrespect to Sion Hardys family justice has to be seen to be done but just wish the media would not paint pictures of folk that are grossly untrue!

Anonymous said...

who is simon taylor

i think this should be taken of its slander calling people murderers

Anonymous said...

that is the problem though that people are being charged with manslaughter when it is murder. I think this website is a good idea and if you read the statement they dont mean any offence. All the people here have had there life taken by someone else no matter what the circumstances- the family and friends of the lost one will consider it murder! We all suffer a life sentence but the people who do it get a few years locked away.
As for saying he got involved in a fight he didnt want to then why get involved-people need to understand the consequences of their actions. I understand the justice system has to punish people but it seems to punish those more harshly that genuinley were accidents and let off those who have a history of crime and violence. It makes no sense, all we can do is take justice upon ourselves.

Anonymous said...

but its not murder is it, its manslaughter, who cares what other people see it as everyone knows the truth

Anonymous said...

It wasn't murder; it was manslaughter.
If you know what's good for you, you'll delete this false statistic. . . .

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he was murdered all right.

By the looks of the last comment, being a murdering t*at obviously runs in the family.

Ever heard of free speech pal?

What a screw-ball!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad Simon Taylor is being sent down.

He obviously deserves it, or he wouldn't be charged in the first place.

Good riddance to to his sorry ass. I hope he rots.

Anonymous said...

By the way:

"A 25-year-old man and another aged 30, both local, were later arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently helping police with their inquiries".

When it takes two of them, it's murder.

They're obviously cowards. Takes two of em to kill a bloke and then they run off and try not to get caught.

Muyder. Jangle, Jangle, Slam goes to prison doors. Good-bye your sorry asses.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what? the people leaving this shit on this page are nothing but scum of the earth, at the end of the day it doesnt matter what he got charged with he still killed someone and like somebody said before the family who got left behind are now serving a life sentence as they have lost a loved one, the family of the person in jail still have that person. They can still talk see and touch that person, what do the family of the deseased have???? NOTHING apart from memories.
Now i dont know a single one of you, was just looking through the different sites as my brother was also murdered and that person got charged with manslaughter but one thing a do know is you need to have a little respect for the family of this person. Now grow up and find somewhere else to argue, this site is meant to be a place where you can leave messages for the person who got killed, a nice place full of nice things said not a bunch of insensitive people that cannot face fact.
Grow up and good bye.
My thoughts are with the family of this person as we know what you are going through.

Anonymous said...

if it was murder im sure they would have been charged with murder and got a much longer sentance, this site is a load of shit boo fukin woo everyone knows the truth and graham and mark are no murderers like u say u dont know a single 1 of them well i do and i know for a fact they are not murderers

Blythe hardy said...

I realise I am way to late but I am the daughter of Shaun hardy, I am only 11 and I was 6 at the time, please grow up, I can't take the fact that this website has been posted, it's disgusting and I'm sorry if anyone else's family has had to suffer reading the comments of there loss, this is pathetic. It's nice that your sticking up for my dad but yeah, technically it was manslaughter and if you have anything else to say about it please contact me and I be happy to set your facts strait, find me on Facebook or something then ask me before posting pointless comments telling people what it is/should be because I'm sure I know more about it then any website, enough said

Anonymous said...

Blythe knew you when you was little and was at your dads funeral. On these sites you can get some idiots dont encourage them to get in touch with you as they could be nasty and hurtful. Take care