Friday, 11 April 2008

Timothy Chilcott

Who: Timothy Chilcott, 36
When: Monday, 21/1/2008
Where: Blenheim Road, Minehead
How: Avon & Somerset Police
Perp: Sean Wylds, 19 (charged); Mr X, 16 (charged); Mr Y, 18 (arrested)
Status: Charges
Note: charges are for manslaughter

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BBC News


Anonymous said...

This shouldn't be on here it was a tragic accident not murder

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of the victims should be. Think of the families of these people and how they feel with their loved ones being displayed on this site.

It is apparant by other names on this site, that you steal photographs to use and that is wrong! This blog should be closed down. Leave these people to rest in peace and their families to move on the best they can!

Anonymous said...

I disagree as a friend of someone who was killed and those who have done it charged with manslaughter-i believe it is murder and so do his family and friends. His life was taken by someone else endo of story. This blog is a good idea it does put faces to names and makes sure they will never be forgotten by others.
If people want to comfort themselves by saying it is a tragic accident then fine but the rage inside me says it is nurder and the people will pay!

Anonymous said...

this was murder.i lost my best friend.the sentance was an insult to tims family and numerous friends.